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Aveți nevoie de inspirație pentru cazare? Printre cele mai bine cotate hoteluri economice din Banjul se numără Laico Atlantic Hotel, Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort și Bungalow Beach Hotel în baza recenziilor utilizatorilor. Skyscanner Hotels reprezintă o modalitate rapidă, gratuită și simplă prin care vă puteți organiza șederea. Cu doar câteva clicuri, puteți căuta, compara și rezerva cu ușurință cazare în Banjul, făcând clic direct către site-ul web al hotelului sau al agenției de turism. Nu se adaugă taxe la costul șederii când rezervați cu noi. Pentru a începe, adăugați pur și simplu datele alese de călătorie în caseta de căutare de mai sus și lăsați-ne să găsim cele mai economice oferte de hoteluri pentru dvs. Sau, alternativ, selectați din opțiunile de hoteluri de mai sus.

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Rachel S
Rachel SBerlin

Banjul, filled with charming colonial buildings and one of the largest seaside markets in West Africa, exudes an irresistible charm. It has many historical monuments and is -- save for some pickpocketing at Albert Market -- overall safe for tourists to walk around.


My brother and I stayed in a eco lodge called Footsteps. The guy who owns it is really fun. The food was fantastic as it was very close to the sea. From the lodge we could walk to the beach and have lunch on the beach by a fishing village. Gambia transport is incredibly slow they call is "Gambia time" because it is all so slow. It is a very poor area, that makes their money from peanuts and peanut oil. Banjul has hurly burly markets, that sell stuff you are likely to find in camden market. It is an experience in its self because you are walking across a long sand road, that when the wind blows everything gets sandy. I would recommend taking taxis (and haggling for them) because the buses are sooo slow. The gambian people are very friendly and they will all ways greet you. Sometimes they do hassle you but they never mean it in a dangerous way.

Jayne Barlow
Jayne BarlowMansfield

great place to visit. lots of things to see you wouldnt see anywere their real habitats.most of people are great and ready to share their lives,food ect with you.not a dressy up place so be prepared to get a little grubby. excellent holiday.

Clarissa Edgar
Clarissa EdgarBirmingham

Our stay at the Kombo Beach Hotel in Gambia was a mixed bag really ..The hotel itself was in a lovely Location a Hop and Skip and you are on the long wide Golden Beach what a wonderful surprise this was as it wasnt packed out which was nice we quickly settled down on towels and with a drink from the nearby Bar ..However thats when we started to get Hassled by the Bumsters as they are claled locally young Boys trying to sell you all sorts of rubbish and trying to sell you days out etcc... Once you tell them Fiirmly to leave you alone you do get some peace we made it a point of when going down going striaght up to them as they sit in wait for you telling them we are not buying anything so please dont ask we then to say had a peaceful time others didnt and we watched them tutting and moaning on the beach and when we got back to the Hotel about it if they just told them from the outset they would have been able to chill out ....we went to Banjul the town near to where we were and there was a lovely Craft fair on Daily selling some stunning wood Carvings and Jewellery its fair to say we bought quite a lot back ...we also went to the weekly Market which is Huge and would probably take you all day to get around ..this is held in the football Stadium ...Other days we went to see Charlie the Crocodile at the Crocodile farm Charlie is the largest there and the Tamest he comes out and lets you stroke him and feed him..we also went to the nature Monkey Reserve where they come right up to be fed all very tame ...another day we went out Fishing and to have a look at some Birds and wildlife in their natural Habitat .. The evenings were Pubbing and Clubbing till the early hours ... Food at the Hotel was nice but not cheap same goes for the drinks we used to go to the local supermarket and fill up on booze and snacks as we had a full size fridge in the room this was the norm and was expected so there was no problems infact the security showed us where to buy it from so we were well away the hotel put a few evenings entertainment on more Culteral and this was always around 6pm -8pm so then thats when we would head out to dance nite away ...overhall the holiday was good Hot Lovely Sandy beach Entertainment good food and cheap outside of the hotels ...My Top Tip ...Eat outside of the hotels Pizza Chips Salads etc.. Buy your Booze from the Supermarkets and change your money in Banjul at the Bank and nit the Street Vendors with the bank its the correct exchange and all the money is there when you walk away we heard lots of stories that people had got ripped off from the street lenders

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