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Aveți nevoie de inspirație pentru cazare? Printre cele mai bine cotate hoteluri economice din Tetovo se numără Konak - Popova Sapka, Villa Momiroski și Villa Vuk în baza recenziilor utilizatorilor. Skyscanner Hotels reprezintă o modalitate rapidă, gratuită și simplă prin care vă puteți organiza șederea. Cu doar câteva clicuri, puteți căuta, compara și rezerva cu ușurință cazare în Tetovo, făcând clic direct către site-ul web al hotelului sau al agenției de turism. Nu se adaugă taxe la costul șederii când rezervați cu noi. Pentru a începe, adăugați pur și simplu datele alese de călătorie în caseta de căutare de mai sus și lăsați-ne să găsim cele mai economice oferte de hoteluri pentru dvs. Sau, alternativ, selectați din opțiunile de hoteluri de mai sus.

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Stojan Toshe Nikolovski
Stojan Toshe NikolovskiSkopje

Tetovo is one of the major economic, industrial and commercial centre. The comparative advantages of the Polog valley have been well used for the development of agriculture, especially market-gardening and fruit growing. In recent years, Tetovo has become a center of private businesses and trade. The most known industrial products that the Tetovo region is represented in the home and international markets are: wood products (quality furniture), metal-plastics and building materials. Tetovo is a seat of many cultural institutions, like: house of the culture "Iljo Antevski - Smok", as well as host of the: Folk Festival of Tetovo. History about the city: There may have been inhabitants in Tetovo's area as early as the Bronze Age and a proof of that is the statue of bronzed dancer from the Illyrian period, 6th century BC which is the oldest archaeological finding in Tetovo region. Tetovo was officially founded in the 14th century as a small medieval Orthodox settlement around the Sveta Bogorodica (Holy Mother of God) church. Tetovo grew with the building and construction of houses around the Orthodox Church. This was at the foothills of the Sar mountain. At the end of the 14th century, Tetovo, along with all of Macedonia, fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. As the Muslim population in Macedonia began to expand in the early Ottoman period mosques, baths, and markets began to appear as early as the 15th century. Tetovo under Ottoman tutelage became an important trade center for the local farmers and craftsmen, as well as an important military fortification. In the 15th century, Tetovo began to be regarded as a major city in the region. The Turkish writer Mehmed Beg in 1436 in the Vakuf noted that Tetovo had stores and shops and was one of the most prosperous regions in the Polog valley. In 1470, Mehmed Kebir Chelebija noted the rapid development of Tetovo. In 1565, under Ottoman Turkish rule and occupation, Tetovo was refereed to as the "episcopal religious place Htetovo", an Orthodox religious center, the seat of the Orthodox Church and domicile of the Orthodox religious leader. Turkish influence deeply impacted Tetovo and it was renamed Kalkandelen to reinforce the new Islamic presence. Haci Halife in the 17th century noted in his writings that Kalkandelen was expanding at an amazing rate in its lowland areas. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the city began to expand greatly. Tetovo was divided into the Orthodox Slavic quarter and the Muslim Turkish quarter. The Orthodox Slavic quarter or section was on the left bank, on the Pena River, while the Turkish Muslim quarter was on the right bank. By the 19th century, when the population of Tetovo began to increase with settlement from the surrounding villages, the French traveler Ami Bue noted that the population had reached about 4,500 people. Today, Tetovo is a city 52,915 inhabitants. Things to do: Sara Sings A festival of original ethnic Albanian music, it was first held in 1994 and returns each year in late June in Tetovo. Members of the Association of Albanian Cultural and Artistic Ensemble of Macedonia are eligible to participate in what is a competitive event. Shopping in Tetovo Tetovo has become a center of private businesses and trade in the past two decades. Countless small shops have been opened where one can buy almost everything, "from a needle to a locomotive". Popova Sapka - one of the most famous Macedonian ski resorts.

Juljan Hajdarmataj
Juljan HajdarmatajTirana

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Olivia-Petra ComanBrasov

Hazbi Memeti
Hazbi MemetiTetovo

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